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Dear Mr. Raj Mauriya,please kindly evaluate the essay.



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Sep 22, 2021
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Nowadays, many billionaires are launching space programs. Some people say it will solve the problem of overpopulation on earth in some years. Others say that there are more important problems already to be solved on earth.
Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Exploring space has become a prominent topic in the world. Nowadays, many business tycoons collaborate with space agencies and arrange aerospace exploration programs to adventure the planets. Some claim that this would resolve the population density of the earth soon, whereas others argue on many other crucial issues that immediately need addressing. This essay will comment on both perspectives and present the most feasible view.

The world has been encountering numerous problems due to overpopulation and its consequences. There are social, health and environmental issues such as conflicts among groups, increased unemployment, littering, environmental pollution and many more associated with it. Several wealthy people believe that acquiring an in-depth knowledge of space and other planets will facilitate building homes as means of irradicating the land scarcity. In addition, they believe the advancement in technology provides a better platform for more sophisticated space science projects. Therefore, it is prudent the world will benefit from the investment in planetary science projects.

In contrast, many people are opposed to spending money unnecessarily. They say other issues need immediate attention like medical research, environmental protection, handling global warming, economic development and political unrest. If those problems not been resolved as soon as they occur, the world will have numerous negative impacts. Instead of investing in space projects, if they invested in medical research, the world would not have struggled to combat pandemics such as Covid 19.

In my opinion, the billionaires should emphasise the prevailing matters which need immediate solutions and finance them accordingly. However, researching and exploring the galaxy need to be carried simultaneously but with mere importance.

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