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Please check and evaluate this essay.



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Oct 11, 2021
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Essay topic: Restoration of old buildings in main cities involve enormous govt expenditure. It would be more beneficial to spend this money to build new houses and roads.To what extent do you agree or disagree.GIVE Example.
Preservation of old buildings in major cities coast a messive amount on government's budget. It could be more useful to utilize this amount for construction of new houses and roads.
In my point of view it could be beneficial to spend money to build new houses and roads ,but to keep this historic building s safe from destroy, is also important .

To begin with, the old buildings are the sign and character of the city.They represent their residents, that to who do they belong and what was the living style and standard of the people in this city.

Moreover, it dipict that the old infrastructure was much convinient to accommodate the people as many people were living in one house at a time.

On the other hand ,the government can generate the revenue from these old precious buildings as they can be cause of tourist attractions.
For example, moon- Jo -daro was a city of old and beautiful buildings in Pakistan,where the art on the walls was magnificent and the constitution of houses like walls and roofs was built in a way that it can keep the house cold in summer and warm in winter , so it showed the living style of those people and scientific ways which were used there.

Overalls, I believe that building new roads and houses can be government need but keeping old historic building safe is also another responsibility of government.as they remind our new generation about their ancients and connect them with their culture.

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