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Advertising directed toward children should not be allowed.



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Oct 17, 2021
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Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Coming across advertisements in our daily lives is usual and in a matter of fact it is impossible to ignore them since they are always on the Tv, on the Internet, and on billboards. People are aware of the fact that companies have right to promote their products to people by commercials as well as to inform them, for sure. However, commercials which are targeted toward children can manipulate children so that they put their parents into the unwanted position and even a financial unstability in the family budget may occur. For these reasons, I think that such advertisements should be prohibited for the sake of all citizens' welfare.

First of all, children are not mature and sophisticated enough to understand how advertisements work and this is why commercials can damage their well-being, if governments take certain measures. Advertisements are generally exaggerating their products qualifications on commercials in order to sell them, and it is known by adults but not by children. Even though children understand the language in advertisements, they do not actually comprehend the meaning in them because of lacking cognitive skills and necessary background knowledge. As we all know, these abilities develop in time and parents know their children is a grown-up at some point. Then youngsters can make their decisions with free will, and life goes on. As a result, children are generally easily influenced by advertisements. To illustrate, people prefer to eat chocolate in order to specifically celebrate some events, and children love it as well. Chocolate companies introduce their sweet products on several mediums and this way children obtain them by forcing their parents to purchase them. Therefore, some children may step into their new habits: consuming too much chocolate. As you can imagine, this story will end up becoming an obese person by being addicted to sugar and those who become obese are not enjoying the life as much as most of the people. For this reason, advertisements which aiming at children are needed to be regulated and even banned from all environment.

The second reason why people should consider advertisements directing children as a pivotal instrument against well-being of a society is that they can harshly hurt the budget of families particularly with low-income. Children want to put on the same clothes, to eat the same food, or use the same computer with their peers, in order to blend in with other youngsters from their schools and neighborhood. These goods are generally promoted in advertisements, and each child usually insist too much or even start crying to be able to ensure her or his parents purchase the product of which s/he specifically tells her or his parents the name of brand. Moreover, a child may boast thanks to a product advertised in a famous commercial and some parents who do not want their children feel inferior feel obliged to purchase this product. Therefore, advertisements indirectly cause an extra financial burden on the family budget.

All in all, advertisements which aimed youngsters should not be allowed not only because the influences of them are particularly detrimental for children's well being, but because they lead to unnecessary expenses from the family budget.

P.S. : I am looking forward to hear your comments on this essay. Thank you dear fellows, in advance.

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