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Computers are becoming essential in school lessons.

Eaint Thiri Myo

Eaint Thiri Myo

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Sep 23, 2021
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Nowadays, computers play a major role in education. In this day and age of technology, it cannot be denied that computers can provide many useful opportunities for students in their learning pathways. However, there are both pros and cons of using computers for children in school lessons. In this essay, I will discuss how these devices can give benefits for students and how they can disturb their studying.
Let’s start by looking at the advantages of using computers in studying lessons. One of the main positives of using computers for kids is that it can improve their hard skills in a quick way. What I mean by this is that the students can do PowerPoint presentation on their laptops and at the same time, they can learn typing skills. As a result, they will become proficient in their computer skills which can provide better technology related job opportunities in the future.
Another good thing is that children are more convenient in finding study resources. For instance, they can easily find textbooks and information and articles that will be helpful in their study on the internet. Moreover, they can also learn different lessons from different teachers from educational websites and You Tube.
Turning to the other side of the argument, having too much screen time can have negative effects on their body. When students are addicted to these devices, they will sit still in front of the computers most of their time. This will lead to health problems like neck pain, back pain and eye strain.
Another major drawback is that it can be distraction for teenagers in learning lessons. If parents or teachers do not keep an eye on them, they will misuse the computers instead of studying. For example, they might go to some websites which are not appropriate for them. Furthermore, they will become addicted to using social media which can occasionally result in cyberbullying. This is very common among school boys and girls.
To conclude, computers are necessary for children in their education. However, we need to weigh up the pros of learning new skills and convenience and the cons of health problems and distraction. Personally, I believe that using computers in school lessons can give more benefits if students can use them for good purposes.

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