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Sample In many parts of the world, women study science and technology but do not work in these fields.



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Jul 27, 2021
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In many parts of the world, women study science and technology but do not work in these fields. What measures can be taken to encourage women to work in science and technology?

Sample Solution

It has been observed that females take science and technology courses in a university; however, most of them choose not to work in those sectors. This essay will highlight potential reasons that act as barriers toward pursuing a career in the technology sector and recommend strategies to motivate women to work in technological sectors.

The first solution is to provide flexible working hours for women. Usually, females have many household chores to do; therefore, they are not able to work in such fields which need too much attention and dedication as it can affect their work-life balance. The safety concern is another factor that prevents many women from working outside. Hence, giving them the choice of working hours will definitely improve their work-life balance. It may encourage more women to take jobs in such fields.

Secondly, although women join science and technology courses in a college, they are not able to gain practical knowledge which is the rudimentary requirement of the workplaces. In order to encourage females to work in those sectors, governments should make practical programs mandatory at a college level. As a result, having proper skills and practice knowledge will augment their chances of jobs in those sectors. Further, spreading awareness in societies can be helpful. Many people argue that science and technology jobs are not for women. Their mindset needs to awaken through campaigns. This can make societies aware of women’s capabilities to work in those sectors.

In conclusion, even though the science and technology sectors are lacking women as employees, this problem can be alleviated by allowing them flexible working hours, providing workshop experiences and raising awareness.

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